08/06/2011 - Wedsure Wedding Insurance Website

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RVNA literally created Wedding Insurance in the United States. Before RVNA, Wedding Insurance only existed in the UK. This was one of the most fun projects to work on because RVNA gave us full creative license. In 2008, WordPress as a web design tool was still not a viable option so this website was designed from scratch and hand coded. A truly inspiring project, the website won several awards for design and content.

The Color Brown for a Wedding Insurance Website

When we first presented the color brown it wasn’t exactly a thrilling idea to RVNA but we’d been working with RVNA for almost four years and they trusted us. Brown and blue is a stunning color combination for any wedding, unexpected yet traditional, but it certainly wasn’t the first color combination one connected with insurance. The Wedsure website became one of the most popular websites for journalists. RVNA had more press coverage from this website and their wedding insurance than any other product. It’s hard not to fall in love with this website.

Standing the test of time

Like most of Specto Design’s websites, Wedsure was no different, it stood the test of time all the way up until we redesigned and launched a new custom WordPress website in October of 2019, eight years later. Of course, through the years we’ve tweaked it here or there. Updated copy, images and code, but the design was a classic that aged well.