spectodesign process


4 Step Roadmap to Success.

Specto Design’s four step project roadmap is based on simplicity and clarity. Utilizing this concept we produce award-winning branding & digital solutions. Throughout this process we are able to meet or exceed goals and create tremendous value for our clients.


Listen. Communicate. Understand.

An integral part of every project is to understand motivations, objectives, and desired results. During this process of discovery think of us as a child thirsty for information. From the internal environment through the perpective of the user, we will gather internal documents and relevant communications material as well as conduct user research to provide us with a comprehensive snapshot of your target audience.


Create. Solve. Innovate

Creating can take many shapes and forms depending on the project. If we are developing a website, web application or mobile application, we begin exploring flows, use cases, and interfaces. If we are developing an identity then we begin developing concepts. Concept development is an iterative process. We work through many ideas, all do not make the final cut. The ones that do, go through multiple revision stages before polished concepts are delivered to you.


Refine. Implement. Test.

We are full service design and development firm. In the development phase, approved concepts are prepared for implementation and implemented.

Whether it’s HTML, Interactive Websites, Mobile Websites, enterprise level JAVA/Grails/Scala web applications or software, we implement it. If we design it, we can build it. This makes our client’s lives simpler.

For printed work, in this phase, we prepare files for final delivery to printers including large format, booth displays and more.

Measure & Refine

Analytics. Behavior. Success.

Analytics and user behaviors are carefully reviewed. We want to know if the project launch is successful. Projects have an evolutionary process. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients.

Only when you are successful, are we successful.

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