01/15/2007 - Logo Design: R.V. Nuccio & Associates

The first use of the color Red

The first use of the initials RVNA

A splash of color and the initials RVNA

As part of the Website Redesign Specto Design refreshed the logo with a splash of red. Why red? Red is a powerful color and RV Nuccio is a powerful company. We were bored with blue. So many financial services companies at the time were blue, especially insurance companies. It was such a common color and RV Nuccio was far from common.

RV Nuccio was known for speed, after all no other insurance broker could deliver a policy instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We chose a color that separated RV Nuccio from the pack because in reality they were in a league of their own. Red denotes strength and RV Nuccio’s founder Robert V. Nuccio built a strong company. He’s always been driven to go  above and beyond—a true innovator. So yes, the color red not only fit the founder, but it also fit the company, and over a decade later, it still does.

This is also the first logo where the initials RVNA have been introduced. Prior to this logo refresh the company had always been referred to as RV Nuccio.

RVNA Logo Comparison